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ARMO GROUP SIA is a company based in Riga, Latvia and engaged in wholesale of construction materials.

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Geolon HMI


Geolon® HMi

Geolon® HMi-5 is composed of polypropylene yarns with the highest possible stiffness modulus. Produced with a special weave construction, this leads to high functional tensile strengths at an extremely low elongation (2 to 5%). Tensile strength at more than 5% elongation is irrelevant, because deformation must be prevented. The product is equally strong in both directions.

Geolon® HMi-5 is easy to recognize on the construction site by the colour pattern across the entire fabric and the woven product name on the side.


  • Robust woven geosynthetic with high modulus material and high tensile strength at low elongation
  • Separation, filtration and reinforcement in one product
  • Excellent chemical resistance, even with alkaline soils


  • Highway and roads
  • Railways
  • Solid waste landfill
  • Ports and harbours
  • Landscape and sport


  • Reinforcement
  • Separation
  • Filtration
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