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ARMO GROUP SIA is a company based in Riga, Latvia and engaged in wholesale of construction materials.

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GRP Pipes


GRP Pipes are manufactured from 200 mm to 4000 mm diameter in accordance with international standards. GRP pressurised and unpressurised pipes are used in drinking water, irrigation water and sewage systems. Pipes are produced by using composite material technology using glass fiber, polyester resin and silica sand which have superior properties in terms of performance, quality and economy compared to conventional materials.  GRP Pipes are highly resistant to chemicals. Resistance to chemicals varies according to the type of resin used in the pipe. GRP Pipes are designed specially according to transported chemical and the fluid temperature.


  • High corrosion resistance 
  • Lightweight and elastic structure 
  • Superior hydraulic properties
  • Long service life
  • Eco-friendly product
  • High strength structure
  • Low operating and maintenance costs 
  • Fast and easy installation 
  • Compatibility with ground movements 
  • Economic transportation cost


  • Transmission and distribution lines of irrigation projects 
  • Transmission lines and networks of drinking water plants
  • Wastewater transmission, treatment plant and sea discharge lines 
  • Rainwater line
  • Power plant connection lines
  • Industrial lines
  • Road crossing
  • Renewal of existing pipelines
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